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Why Kusile?

Kusile Consulting Services’ origins date back to its establishment in 1980 as a pioneer management consultancy in the ever changing and dynamic field of employee relations. Our expertise is founded on years of experience at the forefront of strategic labour relations in a diverse array of industries and sectors. The value of our proposition encapsulates the human resources value chain from recruitment to termination of the employment relationship. Our ability to align your people management and development to your strategic business objectives and to provide practical solutions guarantees you bottom line results. Our quality, integrity and array of customised, integrated and accredited services distinguish us as your preferred business partner.

Experience effective hands on management of your human resources - invest now and be assured - we are your partner in strategic employee relations.

A Brief History

Notwithstanding some changes in company structure and corporate identity the business has retained the client base and staff with many clients of more than ten years standing.

Nature and Experience

The nature of Kusile Consulting Services is that of labour consulting, human resources and employment relations consulting combined with that of a training provider.

Services include negotiations, representation of clients, strategic planning, recruitment, training, assessment and information services including industry level negotiations.

In addition to our own team of consultants, we network with other consultants to ensure that the appropriate skills are applied for the task in hand. It is also part of our philosophy to internalise skills in our clients as the key relationship lies between Management and employees, not between the Consultant and the Union Official.

  • Consulting - HR and IR

    There are so many labour laws which need to be complied with, but I do not know what I should do. OR We know what we need to do but we do not have the necessary skills to do it.

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    Employment Equity

    What are the benefits to me as an employer for complying with employment equity legislation?

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    Job Profiling

    Employees fail to meet expectations. New recruits and promoted employees do not fit the job as expected. The relative positioning of jobs in the organisation is not clear.

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    Job Grading

    Workers or Trade Unions sometimes place a demand on Management for the implementation of a grading system to which minimum wage rates are to be linked.

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    Occupational Health and Safety

    Due to the Acts (OHSA, MHSA and COIDA) the issues of Health and Safety in a working environment have been put on a spotlight and employer together with employees charged with duties to ensure the compliance of these acts.

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  • SSETA Accreditation

    Training centres, organisations need to obtain accreditation with SSETA's so as to be able to provide accredited training.

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    Clients and customers demand a BBBEE certificate to enable you to do business with them. I do not understand was black empowerment really means for my business.

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    Training programmes

    Our Supervisors and Managers do not know how to deal with labour relations issues and disputes which arise. or Now that there are so many labour laws, we do not know what we can and cannot do.

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    Skills Auditing

    SSeta requires a Skills Audit and we do not know how to go about doing this. We do not know what skills or latent talent there are in our workforce.

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    Competency and Skills Matrices

    Training needs to equip employees with the necessary qualifications for their jobs are not known or structured.

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  • Assessor, Moderator and OD ETDP Programmes

    In order to become a SSETA accredited training provider, the company has to prove that it has the qualified resources.

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    Assessments for Recruitment

    Decisions made by means of the highly unstructured traditional interviewing are often profoundly subjective. Most of the time such decisions miss the target because they are, at best, generally based on a process of trial and error or guessing.

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    SpEEx and Compindex

    In general, many organisations make decisions regarding recruitment (internal & external); training; career & succession planning; and employee performance without the aid of an objective, valid, reliable and fair scientific tool.

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    Contract Labour Management

    Contracted Employees pass the expiry date and are still employed in the business. I don't have time to review and renew contracts. Induction and probation processes are not carried out and deadlines pass without giving employees feedback.

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    ISO and QMS

    One of the SAQA criteria states that the organisation seeking SSETA accreditation must have a quality management system.

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